Feeding Vietnam

This crisis is far from over, as the need for food continues. The pandemic reversed the last decade’s progress towards ending hunger in the Vietnam. In 2021, 65 million people may be at risk of hunger. Unfortunately, many people continue to face unemployment and families still struggle to pay bills like housing, utilities, and medical care.

The Feeding Vietnam network will continue to support our neighbors devastated by the pandemic, especially communities that are disproportionately impacted by hunger. Your generosity helps ensure everyone has the food they need for the uncertain days ahead. The American Education Foundation has collaborated with local village farmers and manufacturers to provide food and supplies with the aide of government and our volunteers to deliver the supplies to the much needed civilians during the severe lockdown of the fatal pandemic.


Date of Distributions: Continuous

Name m: Dustin Chief Import Export,INC
Account: 325137252040
Bank: Bank of America
Swift Code: 026009593
Routing Number: 121000358
Phone: 954-774-4657

Name: Nguyen Luong
Account: 88199288888
Bank: ACB
Branch: Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 0888771980